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Referee Commission

Wednesday 3 April 2013, by webmaster

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6th Dan Wado FWE
WKF Referee
JPEG - 12.9 kb
Ruud de Vries
5th Dan Wado FWE

NKF Referee

Commission member
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François Bichel
6th Dan Wado FWE

National Referee

Commission member
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Stuart Robertson
2nd Dan, SKF
BKF Referee
Commission member
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Ken Corbie
1st Dan Wado FWE

International Wadokai Referee Certification

The possibility is given during the EWC2016 to do an international Wadokai certification for kata Judge A/B and for kumite Referee A/B.

To participate in the examination, please email your details to the secretary of the Referee Committee: ruud@netsupport.dk
Participation is free.

Theoretical and Practical Examination:

The questions will be based on the WKF/EKF rules and questions, including the adaptions for the FWE. The questions will be in English and French. The answer sheet will be multiple choice.

The written test is just after the referee meeting, on the Friday before the competition.

The practical test is on the competition day.

PDF - 598.2 kb
FWE International Wadokai Referee Certification
International Wadokai Referee Certification


PDF - 378.5 kb
Application for examination 2016
International Wadokai Referee Certification


PDF - 333.3 kb
Addendum to “WKF Kata and Competition Rules”
The FWE uses the full set of rules from the WKF, with the below changes:
PDF - 1.9 Mb
WKF Kata and Competition Rules 2019 version