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Swedish Karatedo Wadokai

President and chief instructor

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Shingo Ohgami
8th dan Wadokai,
a direct student of the founder of Wadoryu Karate Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka between 1960 and 1981,
today a holder of Japan Karate Federation Wadokai
1st class instructor license and
1st class examiner license

Examiner License holders in Swedish Karatedo Wadokai

2nd class examiner license from Japan Karate Federation Wadokai

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Hado Catic
6th dan Wadokai
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Ulf Klar
6th dan Wadokai
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Carl-Sixten Ullgren
6th dan Wadokai
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Palau Lopes
6th dan Wadokai
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Thomas Tössbrant
6th dan Wadokai


In 1969 Shingo Ohgami came to Gothenburg, Sweden as a guest researcher in chemistry at Chalmers Technical College. He started a Karate club at the same time. It was the beginning of Swedish Karatedo Wadokai. Today we have approximately 20 clubs throughout Sweden, but headquarters dojo is in Gothenburg.

We have participated at European Wado Cup almost every year since 1970. Sweden hosted European Wado Cup in 1980, 1990, 1994 and 1999.

Member Clubs

We have about 20 clubs including honorary member clubs.


We have been publishing bulletin ‘Svenska Wadokai’ for members for four times a year since 1977 (40 pages but unfortunately in Swedish).

Training Camps

We organize under Shingo Ohgami three training camps a year. The camps are attended not only by Swedish members but also by many high graded people from various countries in Europe.
- Easter Camp
- Summer Camp
- Winter Camp

[(Website : www.wadokai.se)]

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