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The Netherlands

**Administrative Committee

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Mona de Jong
General Secretary
JPEG - 9.7 kb
Fred van Veen
2nd Dan
JPEG - 10.7 kb
Peter Driessen
2nd Dan

**Technical Committee

General Technical Director
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Harm Massee
8th Dan
Technical director Sport Karate, Kumite
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Henk Sporkslede
5th Dan FWE/SWKN
Technical Advisor
JPEG - 20.4 kb
Barry Wilkinson
8th Dan Wadokai
Harry Meents

5th Dan

Michael van der Nulft

4th Dan


In 1965 Teruo Kono introduced Wado Ryu Karate Do into the Netherlands. Harm Massee was one of the first generation Judo and Jiu Jutsu teachers who started to train karate. Fascinated by Hironori Ohtsuka it’s budo discipline, Harm easily passed for his 1st Dan exam in 1968, together with R. Zwartjes, J. van Hellemond, J. Korzelius, T. Tromp, K. Gietelink, H. Spermon, J. van der Vlugt en H. Essink .

Along the years, Harm fulfilled different organizational roles for developing Wado further into the Netherlands and currently holds the 7th Dan grade.

January 2012 was the right time for teaming up with the FWE and for founding the Dutch Wadokai branch in the Netherlands, technically advised by Barry Wilkinson 8th Dan.

**Our mission

Is to promote the Wadokai karate spirit to more people and schools, including into our society.

**Member Clubs

Stichting Wado Netherlands consists of 5 clubs.

**Stichting Wado Nederland

Harm Massee
Anna van Saksenstraat 50
1723 KW Noord Scharwoude
Tel: 0031 226313755
Email: harmmassee@hotmail.com

**Technical Committee Members

Harm Massee 7th Dan
Henk Sporkslede 5th Dan
Harry Meents 5th Dan
Michael van der Nulft 4th Dan

**Technical Advisor

Barry Wilkinson 8th Dan Wadokai England

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