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Hungarian Wadokai Karate Federation


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Jozsef Sztako
3rd Dan Wadokai

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Shingo Ohgami
8th dan Wadokai,
a direct student of the founder of Wadoryu Karate Sensei Hironori Ohtsuka between 1960 and 1981,
today a holder of Japan Karate Federation Wadokai
1st class instructor license and
1st class examiner license
General Secretary


2. Dan Wadokai

National Instructor


4. Dan Wadokai


The Hungarian Wadokai Karate Federation was founded on 09/Sep-1999, by leaving from the Hungarian Wado Association (which covered both Wadokai and Wadoryu clubs at that time)

The founding clubs were:

-  Nóva SE
-  Torony SE
-  Piramis SE
-  Wado SE

The founders had the following two main goals in mind when founding our new Federation:

  1. To cover only Wadokai clubs and to follow purely the Wadokai technical standards
  2. To establish a well-functioning competition system, consisting or 3 rounds, with result that the best performing karatekas have the right to enter on Open WKF Hungarian Championships as well as on Wadokai European Cups.

Our clubs:

- Nova SE
- Torony SE
- Piramis Fitness Klub
- Gyemant Lotusz Harcmüveszeti Egyesület

Our milestones:

- During the past 12 years we have managed to establish good relationship to Sensei Shingo Ohgami. We’ve been participating in his training camps in Sweden, and he, too, has been visiting Hungary, all this in order to improve the development of technical standards of our Hungarian Wadokai.
- As to competition issue, the karatekas of our Federations have achieved several Gold, Silver and Bronze medals on both WKF Hungarian Karate Championships and Wadokai European Cups during this period.
- We were the host of the XXXIV. Wadokai European Cup in 2006, due to our sportive political acknowledgment within Federation of Wadokai Europe.

Our short-term goals

-  To obtain JKF-Wadokai Examinator Licences
-  To achive as much medals/championship titles as possible on Wadokai European Cups and WKF Hungarian Championship events.

Our mission

-  To bring Wadokai karate spirit to possibly more people (kids, adults) in Hungary
-  To provide encouraging sporty living as short run and — in long run — to inspire people to do constant practicing while maintaining good health both physically & mentally.

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